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 Fun with Rodins math 
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These are just some little tidbits i found relating to Marko Rodins vortex math. Im sure most people on this forum are at least somewhat familiar with it. If your not, i urge you to check it out. You can watch his lecture on youtube or google video. This post will make no sense if you havn't seen it.


There are two things about vortex math I want to share today.

Markos number circuits (124875 and 369) have some very intresting relationships to the fibbonacci sequence.

If you write out the fibbonacci sequence and reduce all the values to single digits, like in rodins math/numerology, you will find that the sequence begins repeating itself after the 24th value.

Thats pretty neat on it own, no? I was surprised to learn that.

Well thats not all: If you take those 24 values and then wrap them evenly around a circle, all sorts of intresting things start to happen.

This is what it should look like:


- All diametrically opposing (across from one another) numbers equal 9
- All diametrically opposing numbers belong to the same "family number group"
- All 9s are diametrically opposed
- All 3s have 6s opposing them, and vice-versa
- If you draw lines and connect the numbers 124875 you get a perfect hexagon
- You can do it in the opposite direction too (like in rodins math) and get another hexagon overlapping
- If you connect the 3396633966 you get yet ANOTHER perfect hexagon

- im sure theres more, but thats all i have found so far.

Grab your compass and check it out, its really neat.

Damn, no time to type out the other thing i wanted to share, i have to run to class.

Ill post it tonight when i get home.


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Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:36 pm

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Hey Chase!
Can you imagine if we got taught Egyptian Math:
.... 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1 , 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, ... No Zero! No negatives!
and only 9 numbers, the ennead or Rodin enneagram.
Then they could introduce the Rodin "fingerprint of god" as an exploration into 1. The zero really separates us from a holographic reality.
If you check binary math, writing numbers with 1 or 0, it is based on the 2. But they just abritrarily add the 0. There is no 2 involved with it!
A pentium chip is 2 to the 5th = a 32 bit processor. We were supposed to get the Longhorn operating system which came with a 3D display and it required 2 to the 6th or 64 bit processor speed, but the greedy characters running the planet shut Longhorn down, and gave us Vista instead!
puke, vomit, hoark, upchuk, hurl - that's a damn offensive slap in the face!

Anyway, that 24 division circle was used by Peter Plichta and he wrote a book about it called, "God's Secret Formula that dealt with the Peter Plichta Prime Number Cross. If you put 24 divisions on a circle and start writing the numbers clockwise, the primes overlap to form a pattern. The pattern looks like the Iron Cross worn by all those masonic war heros, both allies and axis alike. It is also an unfolded pyramid, sometimes called a Maltese Cross. The weird number 23 can also be written as -1 in this system. If you google Peter Plichta you will find lots of leads.

Regarding the Rodin Coil and every electrical alternator or generator utilizes a coil to magnetically induce electron flow, ie. electricity, well I contacted Jack Durban, who got interviewed here with regards to Steven Mark's toroidal electrical generator:
Well Jack Durban had never heard of Marko Rodin! Rodin released his coil information in 1989 at a defense seminar with the opening speech given by GHW Bush! That coil configuration is the key to holographic computer processors ( developed in 1988 at UCLA called the CUBE, used by Mastercard and FINCEN to electronically track every wireless financial transaction, worldwide ) . That coil allows for every laptop to be wirelessly connected with instantaneous speed regardless of distance, and I am talking about universal distances, not local to a planet. If you understand Global Scaling Theory which allows for infinite compression, distance is no longer a factor!

To think of the world we live in and how certain entities want to implant a mini Rodin coil into people, to harness their DNA ( communication antenna/transmitter ) because they lack the genetic diversity to make their own phone call to home - like ET in the movie, is all the more reason to wake up the masses! What a whirled we live in!

Thanks for the 24 heads up! There's a synchro mystic link to the Kiefer Sutherland TV show there somewhwere!

mer key

Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:51 am
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Joined: Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:21 pm
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Okie dokie, sry for the delay, been busy. And thanks for the tip on Peter Plichta, Mer key, im finding some really incredible stuff while googling, you weren't kidding!

Anyways, back to Rodin and the other intresting thing i found:

Markos number circuits (124875 and 369) are actually encoded in the king james bible!

Crack open your bible and turn to Numbers 7:12-89
if you dont have one, heres a link to the relavent passages:

If you look over this chapter, you notice that it gives 12 lists, with each one being largely the same. Each list begins with "on the first day, on the second day" etc... then gives a list of what was sacrificed.

Now, write down the corresponding verse number every time it says "on the first/second etc day" Then convert each of those verse numbers to single digits.
Lo and behold, its a pattern: 396396396 etc

If that was all, it could be dismissed as coincidence, but theres much more:

Now write down the corresponding verse number every time it says "And his offering was one silver charger" and reduce those values to single digits.
This forms the pattern 417417417417 etc

Now do the same for the next one, "One spoon of ten shekels of gold"
This forms the pattern 528528528528 etc

This works for every single verse in Numbers 7:12-89

Note that by splitting the 124875 into those two patterns it highlights the family number groups.

Anyways, that was a little tricky to explain so if anything is unclear, just ask, and ill try to clarify.


Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:53 pm

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Hey Chase!
The KJB was written in the Elizabeth ( from lizard born ) era under the direction of John Dee. No wonder there are predictable patterns to it as this book ushered in a new language - English. The "g" or coiled serpent, the 7th letter of our alphabet was adopted for England at that time. Before it was called "Endland" as this was where the Atlantic Ocean started and the land ended. The 7th number in the fibonacci series is 13.
Marko Rodin's hypersphere is the feminine counter to the hypercube, the 8 pointed box inside an 8 pointed box. The hypercube is the origin to our alphabet as it was for Hebrew as well. Hebrew didn't have any vowels, more masculine secrecy. That hypercube is drawn by connecting the center points of nested spheres. Like in your avatar image. So, these male/female relationships coexist. The feminine is the nested spheres. That's why the pope gives mass in front of the basilica ( dome-feminine )
and he speaks to the obelisk ( penis-masculine ). It's this push pull manipulation of sexual innuendo.

We are after flow, not a capacative trap that holds 'mass'. WHat we can deduce from the Rodin coil is also the shape of the vortex that will spin out of either side of its "unity point". I prefer that to the "Zero Point" cause that coil only allows for a single unit to pass. As all matter is vortexed out of the ether, continually, to hold electrical charge and become mass
there is a periodic table of the elements that makes more sense than the 2D box of chocolates used by al-chemistry today. Googling "spiral periodic table" or "vortex periodic table of the elements" is a start.

When we get down to the unity we can divide it into 7 divisions like chakras or colors or divisions or notes where a string moves
within the 8 fixed nodes of a musical octave.

Most masculine oriented religions want the follower to accept a supernatural source outside of their self. This has now been updated through a knowledge of fractality, holographs and sub,subatomic physics.
Quantum mechanics, which Einstein himself proved with action at a distance shows we are all connected and that the observer affects the experiment through this subtle connection.

Have you looked into Jain Mathmagics? Doing math with 16 vedic verses?
I have issues with Newton and calculus where it is required to substitute
i = sq root of -1. If the Egyptians didn't use negatives do they really exist in nature? Negative energy is also called "Radiant Energy" and Bedini is all over utilizing it as was Tesla. Thinking in terms of circular waves rather than liner sine waves. Now the Russians have really explored Torsion Waves, which are Vortex Waves, rather than circles.

How does a guy keep up! We are near a scientific break point at which everything will change, for the better!

Best wishes!
mer key

PS- I am just west of you at Lake Isle :)

Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:23 pm
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